Metal Ware Corporation - Two Rivers, WI

Pravco Industrial has been contracting rigging, fabrication and equipment sales with Metal Ware Corporation for quite some time and we're very grateful and proud of the ongoing relationship we have with them.  Metal Ware  is best known for it's NESCO® Roasters, NESCO®/American Harvest™ Dehydrators and their Open Country® camp cookware and seasonings.      More Info on this great company will be added as we can pull it out of our archives!

The photos above are of a multi-stage wash and dry system located in the Metalware plant that Pravco moved to a new location within the plant as the company updated it's operations.  Prior to disassembling a system, the unit is photographed in detail to assist in reassembling properly.

The above photos show a 120 Ton Press that Pravco removed and recycled from the MAFCO facility.

The photos above show Pravco rigging a 23,000 pound press and a 17,000 pound shear into Metal Ware's Algoma facility, which was formerly MAFCO (Monarch Appliance & Fabricating Company).  Metal Ware, which is located in Two Rivers, Wisconsin purchased MAFCO and consolidated it into their operations.