Tower Automotive - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Pravco Industrial removed two (2) 4,000 TON presses that were used for bending one-half inch thick truck frames at Tower Automotive in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when the company ceased operations at this facility.  Pravco also removed 138 OBI presses as well as a substantial amount of additional equipment from this 148 acre property.   All in all, we loaded out 29 semi loads and 5 specialty rail cars with equipment that was shipped out of this plant and exported. At it's height, this facility made truck frames for Ford and Dodge, hot water heaters, airplane propellers, brewery vats and even bomb casings during World War I as well as many other  products.  Tower Automotive is still in operation today, headquartered in Livonia, Michigan

4,000 TON Press - top section

4,000 TON Press - lower section

Aerial view of the Tower Works Milwaukee Property from 1960.

Photo Courtesy of Milwaukee Public Library