All American Bottling - Oshkosh, Wisconsin

All American Bottling Corporation's plant was located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin where they bottled 7up and RC products.  They shut down their Oshkosh plant and Pravco Industrial helped them remove their equipment and clean out the facility.  Below are photos of the Pravco team maneuvering the waste treatment tanks out of the building and loading them onto semi trailers.  Pravco also removed the bottling line assembly, as well as taking the chillers down from the plant roof.

The two left photos are images of the chiller tanks coming off of the All American Bottling Plant roof.  Boss man wants us to let everyone know, we no longer do any crane work and he doesn't want to be tempted to take on major projects like this anymore but as employees who are very proud of the work that we've done and the experience we bring to our industry, we wanted to share these photos with our customers.