United Alloy, Inc. - Janesville, Wisconsin

United Alloy, Inc. is a large scale metal fabrication and powder coating company, producing leak-proof metal fuel tanks, reservoirs, skids, frames, chassis', trailers, and more.  Pravco Industrial installed the powder coating system for their first major expansion in their 84,000 square foot building. 

The four photos above (left to right) are the dry-off oven and a portion of the track, the oven opening, the inside track running through the oven and the burner box on top of the oven.

The three photos above (left to right) are an extended photo of the dry off oven and track, the stainless steel multi-stage wash, inside the multi-stage wash-all those red dots are nozzles which spray the parts as they come through on the track.

The four photos above (left to right) are views of the catwalk, a portion of the track system being installed, a side view of the environmental room as it was being installed, a view through the opening of the environmental room.