Answers to Questions about Buying and Selling with
Pravco Industrial Equipment

Can you shop at our facility?

No. We do not have a physical store with aisles of glorious parts for all of you mechanically or electrically inclined to wander through. However, all our customers are welcome to pick their items up and you can stop in to chat with one of our sales staff to find the items you need. They'll pull up our online store and help you search through it and you can purchase items with cash or credit card. If you happen to come in when Jerry (the boss) is there, he is full of wisdom, knows about all of the inventory we haven't yet listed and would love to hear about your project or job.

Where do our parts come from?

Our inventory comes from plant closings, auctions, inventory or maintenance overstock and individuals. Currently, we are not distributors or affiliates with any of the brands we carry, or companies we do work for. However, we do see that being a distributor for some of the major brands may have a benefit to our customers and we are looking into this possibility. We will keep you updated when and if this changes.

Do we have a guarantee?

Yes. Most of what we buy is tested by our technicians prior to being listed in our store. Some items, we have visually seen working and it is either being sold as a working machine or if we have dismantled it, we have the visual knowledge that it is from a working machine. For many of our larger items, we keep video of the machine being operational. We are a top rated seller on eBay with less than 1% in returns. In the rare event that you would receive your item and have a problem, call or email us and we work it out quickly. 

What forms of payment do we accept?

We try to make it as convenient as possible for our customers to shop with us.  We accept cash, money orders, credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover), paypal, and in most cases, checks.  In the case of checks, we will accept a cashiers check or even a business check from within the 48 contiguous states but your item is held for 3 weeks after the check is deposited before we ship it. We do not take international checks.  We're working on accepting bitcoin and other digital currency but we're not quite there yet. 

What do you do if something is wrong with the item you received?

We check our parts upon arrival to our facility, when they are being cleaned up, tested and prepared for listing, during the listing process and again prior to actually shipping them out. We are really thorough and strive for perfection, but occasionally, an item goes out that is wrong, gets damaged in shipping or isn't what you thought it would be. We really hate it when this happens, but if it does, we want to make it right. Give us a call and we will work it out quickly.

What do you do if you want something sent to another address/drop shipped?

No problem. Let us know when you're ordering or give us a call before the item goes out and we will take care of it. We can also ship blind to your customer. The return address is "Warehouse" and our post office box and no invoice or packing slip is enclosed. If you would prefer we put your packing slip in the box, you will need to email this to us, but we can do that as well.

How do freight shipments work?

We ship from a commercial building with a loading dock.  All freight items are banded down to a pallet with any fragile items or parts well padded and we often shrink wrap cardboard around the entire item.  Sometimes we need to take the item apart to acquire a better shipping price or make the item more secure but we try to keep this to a minimum. When this is done, we notify the buyer prior to this occurring so they know they will need to reassemble. If you would like to arrange your own shipment, our hours for loading are from 7:00am to 3:30pm CST, however if your carrier needs to come in later than 3:30pm, we can usually accommodate this, they just need to give us a call. Likewise, if they are running late, they can call and we can usually have someone wait for them to arrive and get them loaded. We do not charge for palletizing or loading. We do ask that you give us 24 hour notice as to when your truck is coming in and fax or email a bill of lading to us. If you would like us to arrange shipping, or get freight quotes for you, we will need to know if your address is commercial or residential and if you need a lift gate for unloading. It also helps if we know your delivery time frame~longer transit time usually means cheaper rates. We will then put the item specifics out to no less than three freight brokers to get you the best possible price.

Can we ship on your UPS/Fed Ex account?

Unfortunately, no. Currently, UPS does not stop in our small community so all of our UPS items are taken to a drop site, which will not allow a third party account. The drop site has had problems with companies claiming that their accounts have been used for unauthorized charges and while they know us well, as we are in their facility almost daily, our ability to track down a charge that was anywhere from one to three months prior and contact the company to get the matter straightened out, is just too costly.

How do we handle international shipments?

We have sold and shipped industrial equipment all over the world. This includes freight items~a generator to Egypt, a forklift barrel grabber to Ireland (this required a specialized pallet due to wood restrictions) as well as the many, many items that have traveled via usps or ups. Due to restrictions placed on us by eBay, however, we have had to limit some of the countries we are able to ship to because of tracking requirements and the length of time it takes to get to the buyer. Unfortunately, in order to protect ourselves, we had to block certain countries from purchasing from us on eBay. This became necessary when eBay put their global shipping service into place. Most buyers felt the cost of this service, which really only protected the seller, was too high and they couldn't afford to buy from us. We really hated turning people away and in truth, we found out that we were losing a good customer base.

We now have two options for customers living in countries we haven't been able to ship to. The best option is, if you know someone in the United States who can forward the item to you, you can put their address into your eBay account so that it is verified and we can ship the item to them and they forward it to you. The second option is that you can call us or email us to purchase directly. We can send quotes, photos and answer questions through email and you can pay for the item through paypal. We can even send your invoice through paypal.