Need to make room? Sell us your overstock, used and new surplus equipment and machines.

From one item to an entire plant, we strive to get you the most money for your equipment and help you move it out. If you check out our About Us page, you'll see that we have a lot of experience helping companies move out their unneeded machinery, industrial parts and surplus. We want to make it easy for you to turn that equipment into extra space and cash. We buy all variety of equipment, including food grade and can handle your needs from start to finish. There are several different ways to sell to us:

Lot Sell

Email us a list of items you want to sell.  We will analyze your list and email you a lot purchase value.  If you agree to the offer, we will come and pick up the lot or arrange to have it shipped to us.  Once we verify the list of items and log them into inventory, we will send you a check.  This process can take as little as three days but may take longer depending on the volume of the items we receive.

Conditional Sell

You can drop your items off or send them to us.  We will price them out, tell you what we can pay for them and you can decide if you want to sell us your items or pick them back up/have them shipped back.  Please note:  We will reimburse you for the cost of shipping your items to us if you accept our offer, however we do not cover initial or return shipping if the offer is not accepted.

Quick Sell

This method is generally for established customers who have sold to us in the past, however it is the most convenient for our customers.  Just call to arrange pick up of your equipment.  We will either pick it up ourselves or send in a truck.  When we get the items, we will analyze them and call you with an amount, then send you a check.  The pricing varies but it is typically between 5-25% of our selling price.

Large, High Value Items or Plant Clean Outs

In most cases, we will come to you.  We will take down information, photograph item(s) and then call you with an offer.  In the case of a small number of large items (generally under 15), this can often be done over email with the customer sending us specs and photos.  We have, in the past, had requests from our customers to consign items, however we've found this to be very time consuming and difficult to pin down costs as well as tracking many different items for multiple customers so we no longer offer this service.  If, however you would like to check in with us on items you are looking to sell, we have started maintaining a list of our customers looking for specific items so we may be able to hook you up with a buyer. 

Salvage Items

We have found that almost everything has value.  As we strive to help our customers recover the most money for their assets, there are those times when a machine cannot remain in use.  The machine goes down and the cost to replace it is less than the cost to repair it or it becomes too costly to operate~the new model is so much more cost efficient, it pays for itself.  And sometimes, a machine  has  become so obsolete that parts just cannot be acquired, even from re-sellers like Pravco.   At times like these, we have many contacts to help you get top dollar for the salvage of the item.   This type of buying is handled on an individual basis.  You can call us at +1(920) 684-9999 or use our contact us form to discuss.

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